A Denim Miracle

I have been faithfully wearing skinny jeans for the last five years. If you over look the fact that most of the pairs I’ve owned have required me to pull them up every 30-seconds or so, they have been absolutely perfect! Okay, all kidding aside, they really do work for me, given my shape: fluffy in the middle, no back and skinny legs. Who’s with me? I have a short waist so the fact that most waists are meant to be worn at the hips is just a plus for me! Because of the butt issue, I’ve been absolutely terrified of the high-waisted, “surely better for moms” jeans. It’s already flat. Must it also be long? Changes in denim silhouettes are just scary. Why? Well, because for most people, jeans are their mainstay, the true closet staple, the daily relied upon article of clothing. They work for morning drop off, cooking dinner, weekend looks, going out on the town. They work for most occasions, even some workplaces, so once you find the ones you love, that’s that.  They are important, which is one reason I invest in jeans. Picking up inexpensive shirts and blouses is easy, but denim on a clearance rack? There’s a designer out there that had no business designing for the masses because those jeans don’t look good on anybody except them, and I’m doubting that. Jeans are personal. When I’m shopping for jeans, I usually pick up five or six pairs before heading to the fitting room. Why? Because I’m going to hate almost all of them on me. Then you hand them to your best friend, and they look perfect on her (but you still love her). Ladies, I think I’ve found a more universal pair. Are they going to work for everyone? No. Are you crazy? Are they going to work for a lot of people? Yes. Behold:

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.18.27 AM

Anthropologie Pilcro Stet Flare Jeans, $128,

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.04.30 PM

I picked up one pair, a size smaller than my regular size because they didn’t have my size. Internally, I shook my head and asked, why do you do this to yourself? Then I headed to the fitting rom. And just like that, we were in love. They have a lot of give in the waist so they work perfect for people who don’t do a lot of ab work. (wink wink) And if you do happen to have impressive abs, just size down. Who doesn’t love that? Additionally, if you are packing a lot in the back, a flared jean is the best silhouette for you. It minimizes your rump shaker. For me, they fit just below the belly button so not too low and not too high. They are offered in petite and tall. It’s important not to wear these too short.  A bell or flared bottom should almost sweep the floor, but never drag. And they are only $128, which might sound like a lot, but it’s considerably less than all the other over-priced denim I love. Remember, investment. You are going to wear them non-stop. If you still own this pair of jeans from 15 years ago, pull them out. They are back, and they are everywhere, although not all created equally.

Let’s talk denim! Any comments or questions? Please post below. Who knows? Your question might be the one everyone is asking. XOXO

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