Fairy Godmother

I always dreamed of being the princess growing up. Of course I did! That’s what most little girls dream of. I never realized how amazing it would be to play the fairy godmother. That’s exactly what my job as a stylist feels like.

Initially, I get to pick from 100s of gowns. Not just any gowns, gowns designed and made for princesses. Gowns made for women who have been dreaming about what they would wear since they knew to dream. Gowns that drape and hug and sparkle perfectly. Usually, the entire wedding centers around this enormous first choice, the gown.

I schedule hair and makeup and provide inspiration for their looks. I arrive with the gown, and I literally dress them. I button and zip and tie. I add earrings to their ears and fasten beautiful, sparkly necklaces around their necks. I place couture shoes on their feet. And I stand behind them as we both get the first look. I follow them throughout our shoot, holding their hand and holding the gown. I fluff and straighten and fluff some more. It’s an amazing experience.

And this Manhattan shoot in particular, it was dreamy. I can’t wait to show you more of it. Stay tuned.

Come join in the fun! Learn from the amazingly talented Sheradee Hurst Photography, who is an award-winning, destination wedding photographer. She’s holding workshops that I’m styling all over the country in 2016. We would love for you to come and be a part of this wonderful learning experience. Check out the details here:

If you are a wedding vendor in Dallas, Houston, Tulsa, Arkansas or NYC, let’s talk about collaborating. This is a big opportunity to enhance our portfolios fairytale-style and make magic. Email me at



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